Loquet London - A New Way to Personalise Jewellery

There’s something very romantic about wearing a locket – the secrets hidden inside, the messages it might contain – but they’re not the most modern idea. Someone needed to give them a contemporary edge, and this month Loquet London has done just that.

A brand new British label which launched last week, Loquet London is a labour of love from model Laura Bailey and her close friend Sheherazade Goldsmith. They’ve worked with Michael Ventura to create a wealth of charms, lockets and chains for their new website, where jewellery devotees can design a bespoke necklace with beautiful details.

The concept is simple but luxurious: decide between a round or heart-shaped locket and select a gold chain to go with it (choose from 18 or 32 inches and 9 or 18 carats, with a diamond dappled option for something extra special). Then fill it with delicate charms and sparkling birthstones – I like the idea of a single, floating charm, but the website will let you see how more of them would move together as the necklace swings.

Find inspiration by flicking through Laura and Sheherazade’s online sketchbook, or simply choose the charms that spark memories. The crystal lockets open and shut, so you can collect more trinkets and add them to your necklace as you go along - a little like the Pandora bracelets, but more subtle and sophisticated.

Amongst the tiny hearts and classic initials – the staples of charm jewellery - there are gold stars, teardrop emeralds and diamond studded dragonflies, for limitless combinations and completely personal one-offs. Laura Bailey wears hers doubled up, and I’m tempted to try the same.

In the meantime, I’ve created a few Loquet London necklaces of my own – which of their charms would you use?


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