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I do not know about you but I get sick of seeing and wearing the same kind of jewellery that everybody else has got! Jewellery is just great for making your most boring of ensembles, ooze a stylish essence of chic.

The spectrum of jewellery pieces you choose to adorn your body with these days is endless from rings to statement necklaces and bracelets and more. I’ve put together top 3 quirky jewellery designers that will leave you looking blinged up and crisp!

One: Etsy

Etsy is a shopping channel I have recently discovered, they sell all kinds of things that have been handmade by people from all over the world. Vanya has a really cute unique jewellery collection which she sells on the site called ‘Vanessa’s collection’. Vanya is a lawyer by day and is self-taught jewellery designer by night. Jewellery making is her passion and is something in which she has been practicing for the majority of her life.

The jewellery the designer creates pieces made from waved crochet, which are then died and hung on an acrylic pendant. Vanessa’s collections present jewellery that has been made using unconventional techniques and shapes. What is so lovely about purchasing jewellery from a designer like Vanya is the fact that you know that it is going to be one of a kind making it very much exclusive to you. The pieces she designs are eye catching, very distinctive with the unusual shapes they come in.

Two: Dominic Jones

Dominic Jones is another stunning jewellery designer and is a five time ‘New Gen’ award winner. He launched his jewellery collection back in 2009 with his infamous ‘Tooth and Nail’ collection. He studied at Sir John Cass School of art and design and since then has had a prosperous career in jewellery making, further winning ‘Jewellery designer of the year’ in 2011. The British designer is establishing himself in good stead as he is the ambassador of A- lister celebrities such as BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna. He has also managed to secure great stockist network with the likes of net-a-porter and Harvey Nicholas just to name a few.

Three: Alicia Hannah Naomi

 Another jewellery designer to keep your eyes peeled open for is Alicia Hannah Naomi. The raw cutting edge designer designs contemporary jewellery that harnesses the savageness of beauty.  The young talent is based in Melbourne Australia and considering how tropical the climate is there she has an appreciation for dark aesthetics. Her work incorporates precious materials into organic pieces to exemplify both simplicity and austerity to capture true essence of the wabi- sabi aesthetic.


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