Simone Ferkul Geometric Wooden Jewllery

I always love jewellery that is unique in design and comes as part of a collection that is interesting and versatile. When buying bespoke jewellery I always look for a high quality craftsmanship and natural materials.

Sticks & Stones Jewellery collection by Simone Ferkul embodies all of these qualities, making this one of the most desirable timeless collections I have seen in a while. What first attracted me to this collection are the natural materials that have been used to create what can be regarded as fine pieces of art. Much of the collection is produced using wood and rope with accent detailing of brass to complement and enhance the design aesthetics of the pieces.

The collection is described bySimone Ferkul as “Characterized by angels, interesting elements, craft, Sticks & Stones re-examines traditional crystal models through material capacity”.

The pieces are truly are bespoke pieces of art that explore form, size and proportion. These concepts are all critical in the process of crystal cutting, making Sticks & Stones an abstract form of luxury jewellery.

The designers of the wooden jewellery collection Sticks & Stones seeks to reconnect the designer, maker and wearer to develop holistic objects that are the alternative to mass production consumer goods.


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