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People always underestimate how much of impact having decently styled hair can do for your look. There really is no point dressing head to toe in chic designer clothes with a designer handbag poised over your lower arm that equates to the cost of a family size car, when your hair looks a mess or is limp and damaged! Having your hair ‘did’ as songstress Missy Elliot so poignantly put it in the lyrics to her ‘Work it’ song, will give you a style that is fine-tuned and crisp.

We are all guilty of running out of the house at some point or another without any make-up on with hair that is barley brushed or even air drying. I’m not talking about to the extent of how Amanda Bynes leaves the house with some of her hair do’s, but going out with hair that is not groomed can really depreciate the aesthetical value of any ensemble you might have on. Having your done even if you’re not going anywhere will always make you look and feel good.

Doing your hair does not mean that it has to be a dreaded chore. There are so many tutorials out there that you can watch to help teach you how to do the most cool Avant guard hairstyles. We all know how precious time is in the morning and having hair styles that takes minutes means there’s no excuse for completing your most best look.  There are so many ways you can style your hair from adding hair extensions and hair pieces to colouring, cuts and of course hair accessories. All of these ways will inevitably enhance your overall style aesthetic because having great hair compliments beautiful clothes and vice versa.

Spring summer hair trends became the biggest epidemic we have seen for a while with the likes of the ‘London Bun’ hairstyle that everybody just can’t get enough of. This up do is essentially done by tying the hair into a high pony then wrapping and pinning the hair into a bun, it’s a quick easy hairstyle to do that looks super chic. Pastel hair colouring has also been another hit trend for spring summer girls have gone the whole hog and dyed their hair into vivid colours of the rainbow. Pastel colours have been huge in garments and accessory design and this has translated beautifully into hair. One of my favourite hair trends of spring summer has to be the fish bone plait, it’s a hairstyle that takes slightly longer to do than your average and you would need to keep working at your skills in plaiting to master it, but it’s a lovable dynamic hair style that looks amazing with all styles of clothing. Knot’s ponys and slicked back do’s have all been rife all spring summer season, so there’s no excuse at all to walk out of the house with on an untamed mop.

The easiest way to do something innovative with your hair is to introduce hair accessories. There are so many types out there and it can become a bit an effort if you don’t know how to use or style them in your hair. Rest assured we have made it a whole lot easier because we have listed the top 5 designer pieces so that you can do your hair into multiple effortless styles so that you can always have a good hair day.


This beautiful pyramid studded hair band is the perfect way to wear a hair accessory this season; it’s the simplest kind you can go for because all you have to do is essentially plonk it on your head and you’re done. The design features pretty looking black gem stone’s which makes it easy for you to pair with clothes of similar tones from your wardrobe.  The real greatness of this hair piece is the fact that you can wear it without doing much to your hair; you can either wear your hair up or down and look just as stunning. But if you wanted to make your look more in depth wearing the piece with ringlet or waved curls would look super rad, instantly giving you a style that oozes divine off beat boho chic look.

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2. Jennifer Behr

This rope hitch metallic headband is a Grecian inspired treasure. Everywhere you go you see supersized hair bands that are to be worn as a head band but none of them are as gorgeous as this one. Using a hair accessory like this gives you multiple options in the way you can style your hair. You can create up and down looks that take a matter of minutes and look super stylish and chic however way you wish to wear it.

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This fox fur headband is the perfect autumn winter hair accessory. It will keep your head snuggly and warm throughout winter long whilst giving you a style domina that is Avant guard and ultra-cool. To get the best out of this look, styling the hair in a high bun will be a classic look that you can wear with countless outfits. 

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4.Louis Mariette

This amour silver plated laurel headband is an intricate sparkled diamant√© design in a leaf like form. This is the hair accessory to go for if you don’t like to go heavy on the jewellery. It will add sparkle and glitz to any outfit and you have the versatility of wearing the piece styled in multiple ways. Hair up or down you will look special in an understated classy way. This is a piece that can last forever and is unique and beautiful enough for you to wear on special occasions such as weddings or a day at the races for a ravishingly sophisticated look.

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5.Marc Jacobs

Hair bobbles are the essential hair accessory every girl needs. You can do so many styles with hair ties and these three disc charm hairbands are just the perfect way to go. Style your hair with one of these in a low pony, plait or bunches and look just ridiculously cute. One look that is super cool and stylish is high bunches into buns. This style is youthful and fun, it’s really easy to do as all you have to do is part your hair down the middle and tie each side up.

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There are so many other hair accessories out there for you to choose from so that you can make your hairstyles as dynamic or as simple as you like. The best way of knowing what really suits you is to explore and play around in the mirror. Then when it’s time for you to go out and have heads turning, you will know what hair accessory suits you and which picks to go for so that you can achieve a impeccable fashion hairstyle!

There you have it a diverse range of designer hair accessories, to help you enhance your look to a style that is personal to you. Which of these pieces would you use?


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