Victoria Beckham's New Line

If you wear glasses – or just appreciate their ability to completely change an outfit – then Victoria Beckham is right there with you. She’s just added opticals to her very, very long list of stylish accomplishments (alongside sell-out dresses, statement sunnies and the global force that is Brand Beckham).

It’s a compact collection, like her first forays into fashion design, with just six styles in two/three different colourways. But they’re heavy on luxury – every single pair is handmade in Italy with two stages of hand polishing (a pretty rare process in eyewear that leaves a smooth, gleaming finish).

Victoria’s signature is her sophisticated minimalism, and it’s everywhere in this capsule collection. From cat eye shapes in hazelnut-coloured acetate, to the more androgynous Large Fine Man style in dark tortoiseshell. The Heavy Square is Victoria’s personal favourite, according to Elle, with a squarer shape and a frame of taupe layered with black, or an amber tortoise that almost glows.

Like her line of style-heavy sunglasses, the frames are a collaboration between Victoria and renowned eyewear label Cutler and Gross. The branding is subtle - no flashy VB logos here – but every pair is finished with a fine, diamond facetted tip on each arm.

The only drawback to ordering eyewear online, whether you’re looking at opticals or sunnies, is that you can’t try them on first. To help you decide which style would suit you best, try The Chic Fashionista’s guide to working out your face shape – I’ve used her tips to balance each shape to a style from the Victoria Beckham collection

Optical Kitten
The Optical Kitten will soften the angles in your face, especially if you go for the light acetate version

Top-heavy designs like the cat eye Optical Kitten will add interest to the top part of your face and balance your jawline

Angular shapes like the Heavy Square will compliment 
your cheekbones and balance those proportions
Heavy Square

Look for straight lines and a frame that is slightly wider than your face – the Heavy Square is probably your best bet

Look for slightly tapered shapes, like the Heavy Square, that will add depth and width to your face 

Large Fine Man
Square frames with rounded corners will add a bit of softness to your face – try Victoria’s Large Fine Man

You can get away with any shape but a stylish square frame with soft corners, like the Large Fine Man, will emphasise your cheekbones 


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